Executive Director

Jay Edward KingJay Edward King currently serves as the Director of Public Safety for the city of Unalaska. He recently retired as a Police Major from the Montgomery Police Department. He is a native of Montgomery, Alabama and his heritage includes Scot-Irish and Cherokee ancestry. He was born on Maxwell Air Force Base. He grew up most of his life in the River Region. He was a resident of the City of Montgomery for approximately twenty-six (26) years.

He joined the Montgomery Police Department in 1994. During the academy he distinguished himself and graduated 4th out of his class and as the Top Gun. He served in the Patrol, Traffic and Administrative divisions. He received the following promotions: Detective in 2000, Sergeant in 2008, Lieutenant 2010, Captain in 2015 and Major in 2018.

His professional work history is evidence of his determination to be a public servant. His professional philosophy encompasses the mission of safeguarding life and property, a vision of riding the community of crime while providing the best level of service possible. He is guided by his core values which include: service, integrity, respect, leadership and innovation.