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New Web Site for AACOP

01 Apr 2011 20:15 | Anonymous
April Fool!

Not Really.  AACOP is moving its website to this more functional system. 
After attending a meeting of all State Associations Executive Directors in March, and hearing them rave about how their hosted member, event and website systems saved them hours and hours of work and improved the communication with and between members, we rolled up our sleeves and did our homework.

What you are now seeing are the results of our research and migration efforts.
You can now manage your membership and contact information immediately, online.
Members have access to secure forums for information exchange, sensitive documents, and full rosters with contact information for fellow members.
The public and membership have access to interactive forums to address issues and openly discuss diverse topics centered upon Alaskan Criminal Justice issues and events.
Conferences, training and events sponsored or supported by AACOP now have a central site for registering and receiving up-to-date information.

Enjoy your new web presence and feel free to provide feedback.



  • 07 Apr 2011 02:53 | Anonymous
    Member information was uploaded on 4/6/2011 and an introduction e-mail planned for 4/7/2001. Just in case you start getting notifications prior to my introductiory notice. Enjoy!
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    • 19 Apr 2011 04:09 | Angella Long
      Wow! New look is great for the website. Lots of information and ways to interact. Great job.
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